Chuẩn bị

- Squid
- Bread crumbs
- Tempura flour
- Egg
- Seasoning powder, pepper, MSG, chilli sauce, cooking oil

Cách thực hiện

Step 1: Squid cleaned , removed the skin, the head and fins,  then cut into pieces in the circle.
Step 2: Beatting eggs, pouring the tempura flour and bread crumbs into a separate cup.
Step 3: Marinating squid with seasoning powder, pepper  powder and MSG.
Step 4: Dipping the squid through eggs, the tempura flour and bread crumbs. Then fry it until golden brown.
Step 5: Take out the squid on a pre-decorated dish, add cilantro on the top, serve with chili sauce, ketchup.

Bí Quyết

Fry the squid when the cooking oil was heated boiling, so the squid to be crispy, not soaked in the oil.